Our resolver only delivers uncensored, unfiltered records:

  • NO filtering
  • NO logging
  • DNSCrypt
  • DNS-over-HTTPS

DNSCrypt: sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAAEDE0OS41Ni4xNC40ODo0NDMgz2hdxH9xvF_XaTZfdJhv5y3OFDUYC-ny5M0sM4vlv2YYMi5kbnNjcnlwdC1jZXJ0LnpjeXBoLmNj
Anonymized DNS relay: sdns://gRAxOTguNTEuMTAwLjE6NDQz
DNS-over-HTTPS: https://dns1.zcyph.cc


DNS is akin to phone books for computers: to know which number to call, your computer gives the name to DNS, which then tells your computer the number. Cool!


Freedom & privacy.

Your ISP handles DNS by default, which is fine - until it's not. Providers use DNS to censor, and have sometimes even suffered DNS poisoning attacks, where malicious third parties redirect traffic. Further, most well-known alternative DNS resolvers are run by or have ties to large corporations like Google.

We are free & independent. We accept no affiliation or sponsorship.

Our resolver will never filter or log, and offers additional privacy & security options via DNSCrypt, DNS-over-HTTPS, and DNSSEC.